• 11-30-2012
    Looking for historic examples
    In a situation where non approved trail building is taking place, and has been the case for over a decade. The local advocacy groups have attempted to work with mountain bikers and the local land manger in order to prevent a looming trail closure. The goal is to find synergy between both groups where there has been little in the past.

    A lot of progress has been made in the last year to significantly reduce the illegal trail building, and to gain buy in from the community on going at trail development within the system.

    The local managers have brought 25+ miles of illegal trails into the legal system, and local mountain bikers have stepped up with labor. Most illegal builders have privately agreed to a moratorium due to this positive direction between the community and the land manager. There are a few who persist.

    The trail closure is still looming. Discussions with the land manager indicate that they believe it is a necessary step to curb illegal trail building. They have examples where it has been successful in the past which are helping to push them in that direction.

    Advocacy groups believe that this closure will do a lot of damage in this newly developing positive relationship between the MTB community and the land managers, and pull the rug out from under the advocates legs with respect to promoting working together to solve this issue. They believe that in the long run it will do more damage to the relationship than good, and that the builders will resume building as a result. It will become an issue of enforcement and marginalization of those who could otherwise be brought into the fold.

    Just when things are starting to go in the right direction, this closure has the potential to derail things with lasting effects.

    Looking for historic examples of similar situations, along with the outcomes (positive or negative) to help substantiate the advocates argument against this closure.

    This is not the only tactic, but one in a quiver of tactics.

    Can anyone provide any such examples or point me in the right direction?

    I am being a little vague her for a reason, and would rather not get into too many specifics just yet.
  • 11-30-2012
    What kind of land is it on? Public, city, county, state, fed or something else?

    Do you live in a place where people ride motos a lot?
    Or homeless people, or people who party in random areas?

    Have you been working the angle that a positive user group will keep out a negative.

    Have people been building up a random lines or a quality trail network?
    what kind of trails are there, XC or freeride/DH?
  • 12-02-2012
    One way to gain leverage is to get partners such as local governments and non-profits involved in a formal partnership with the LM so that peer pressure can be brought to bear on the LM. Having city, county, and federal officials write letters of support can help, as well as being able to turn out large numbers of supporters for meetings. LM's need to have good working relationships with local governmental entities so are usually willing to cooperate with them.