Our first pump track is in place. We're planning for three pump tracks, in addition to jump lines, a dual slalom course, and a MTB skills course. And possibly a CX course around the perimeter of the park. For me personally, I'm most excited about the pump tracks and the skills course.

Help wanted: Selling a community on the idea of a bike park-aerial.jpg

Montana Conservation Corps coordinated with us for National Public Lands Day, giving us a workforce of over 100 volunteers last Saturday. That meant that we were able to get fencing installed and trees planted without having to divert the enthusiasm of our core volunteers from dirt moving and shaping. We had two skid steers with experienced operators, both of whom have built these features before. It was pretty impressive to see it all come together in a day, with several hours of riding at the end. And the 14-year old BMX crowd found us pretty quickly. Although it's a modest first step, having something to show will be a boost for fund raising, getting the word out, and our social media efforts.

We have more dirt coming this week, and then there will be another concerted effort to close out 'phase 1' this fall. We'll get the majority of our skills course laid in. Plans are only just coming together, but the idea is to incorporate rollers, berms, jumps, ledges, balance features, rock gardens, etc. The city has a large amount of granite left over from urban renewal demolition, and they've offered us all we want. Score! We'll probably be able to put in a little trials course, too.

Help wanted: Selling a community on the idea of a bike park-granite-2.jpg

Help wanted: Selling a community on the idea of a bike park-granite-1.jpg

Things look pretty good for meeting our goals by this time next year. It will be an incredible boon to our bike community, and it's great to have such a supportive city parks department.

I'm shopping for a dirt jumper now.