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    Quote Originally Posted by peteuga View Post
    We started clearing about a 1 mile section of trail last weekend at the very back of the trail for our test. Since it is near the end there is much less traffic on it and we can see if this works with just minimal traffic. We found a few interesting things, the horses don't pay any attention at all to ribbon and pin flags, but if you rake the leaves off the ground they will go exactly were you want them to go. The horses also have no trouble at all on 40%+ slopes. So far so good, we will see how things hold up.
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    ground stabilization is a common problem. it is not enough to do compaction, but to use binders to hold the soil together. they have similar problems in the landfill and mining industries. some more info here...

    grids and different matrix's of materials help also. though these require quite a bit of work to install properly.
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    40 %+ slopes,, wow,,,, so the line was leaf blown,, did you removed the upper organic layer? (if there was any),, planning on going back to create outslope? guessing water gets moving coming off a steep slope like that, you shouldn't have much issue getting it to sheet across and off the trail.

    toss up some pics if you get the chance..

    some folks putting in horse trails up this way (western NY) it a ruddy mess, simply clipping the overhanging branches ... I think/hope they plan on coming through to address the tread concerns,, but right now those hooves are churning up the organic matter with some mineral soil.. my guess it will not work out well, unless that is removed first,, ( speaking of up in my area)

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