• 12-03-2016
    He's also got his landscaping dialed in for maximum cycling time...no grass...nice colored stones for low maintenance!
  • 12-04-2016
    Soon to add a bench top bearing press, ultrasonic parts cleaner and a second bike stand. I currently have hanging storage for 9 bikes and about 20 tires. Still need to hang the retractable compressor hose.

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  • 03-01-2017
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    Needs a tidy and a bigger garage.

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  • 03-01-2017
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    ^^^^ You Just Need A Little More Space...
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    Lets head upstairs...

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    A little man cave to go with the shop.

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  • 03-01-2017
    Seen that before. They're garage "condos" in Minneapolis. Start @ $39K + $100/month. That one is $99K (+ finishing costs)

  • 03-01-2017
    Living the dream, Cleared2land, living the dream. Ah, what I could do with a space like that. If that's indeed about $99k I could sell my little 2-bedroom house and buy two of them. Mind, I'd find a way to fill 'em up within a year or two...
  • 03-01-2017
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    Unfortunately, this isn't living for me...it's just a dream.

    DFA nailed it above. a pretty cool set up though.

    Here's some of the build-out

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