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    Idea! what size ratchet socket will fit the Park Tool FR-5G?

    I tightened a cassette using a 10 inch crescent wrench on the Park Tool FR-5G... but just found my torque wrench, & wanna retighten it. But i don't have a ratchet socket large enough to fit onto the FR-5G. Closest i have is 7/8 ratchet socket. It almost fits.

    Can anyone please tell me what size ratchet socket will fit the FR-5G tool?

    Or at least tell me what the next largest ratchet socket size is after 7/8?

    (My torque wrench is exactly like the Park Tool TW-2 Torque Wrench 3/8- Inch Drive)

    Thank you very much

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    Thank God for Google! Correct size is 1 inch socket... woot woot!

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    You know I got so frustrated with those that I went out and bought a cheapie Performance one for a 1/2" socket. Much much easier to use, no more balancing the wheel, chainwhip, trying to fit the cresent over it. Now I can control the wheel and cassette with the rachet in one hand and just press down on the whip.

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    Or you could get a lock ring tool that's got a handle on it. If it happens to fit over the quick relase it would be the greatest thing since sliced bread, seriously.

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