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Thread: Tire levers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by breckenridge View Post
    +another for the Quik Stik. That's all we used at the shop I wrenched at for 8 years. They don't pinch and last forever. Long-ish for good leverage too.
    I didn't break mine, but on an ugly tough UST beaded tire they bent on me. They did give me a new set and they have worked fine since then. Outside of the Prestalevers, they are my go-to tire lever.

    Tire levers?-bg_product_prestalever.jpg

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    Sunlite Steel tire levers? You can view them on Amazon.

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    My experience is limited, but liked Quick Stick. But plastic levers tend to be too thick to go under the bead for my taste. Think I've bent alloy levers too.

    Don't remember why I made it, other than that the corner of the blade was broken. May have been for a motorcycle. But I mode lever from a screwdriver that was probably 12" inches long. Rounded the corners, ground a hook near the end.

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