I happened to just swap out my QR/20mm axle for the 15mm axle and replace my bearings

Looking to see what tools I may need to get or craft up I realized that the 6805 bearings are the same used in the most external bottom brackets, so I used my enduro bottom bracket press and some all thread rod to get the extended working length needed. Worked great used the drift the cup and the bearing extractor collar.

Just a tip if you have a tool to replace bearings in external bottom brackets, it will likely work well here too.

For my process I pressed out the axle and the non-brake side bearing as step 1.
I had to add a smaller diameter washer as the lager washers I had against the axle were larger than the recess and did not allow the bearing and axle to be fully pressed out.

then I used the extractor collar to press the brake side bearing out.

When pressing the bearing in I first pressed in the non-brake side with a drift.
then I partially fit the axle into that bearing and into the other bearing that I was going to press in next (so the axle was part way into each bearing). then used the drift and the pair of old bearings as spacers to allow for the axle as I pressed the second bearing into the hub and over the axle.