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    Simple Lezyne Floor Pump Mod -- Easy Gauge Removal and Installation

    Lezyne floor pumps are absolutely awseome and top-quality in every way. Rugged and reliable, replacement parts are available should they ever be needed. However, it is not possible to remove the pressure gauge without damaging it. The threads are glued in place with threadlocker at the factory. To remove it for replacement, you have to bend the face to get to the brass fitting underneath, and unscrew it with pliers.

    The gauge failed about a week after I purchased my new Lezyne pump. Lezyne promptly sent me a replacement under warranty. I didn't like the fact that the gauge could not be removed without destroying it. So I put pipe dope on the threads instead of the provided threadlocker, and tightened it finger-tight.

    After about 6 months the gauge movement got sluggish. Since I had loosely screwed the gauge into the pump body, I was able to remove it without damage. I discovered that pipe dope had partially plugged the orifice of the gauge. I cleaned out the pipe dope and all was well. BTW, I lubed the mechanism with a small amount of with Finish Line Stanchion Lube (DuPont Floro oil). It is thin and not sticky or oily. The movement is now smoother than ever!

    Before reassembly, I decided to devise a better way to grip the gauge for future removal and reinstallation. I simply drilled holes in the side of the gauge case, and made a rod to fit across the gauge and thru the holes. The rod gives your fingers plenty of leverage to tighten and loosen the gauge.

    After nearly a year, the replacement gauge shows no signs of quitting. But if it ever needs cleaning or lubing, I can remove it easily. If it ever requires replacement, I can put the new mechanism in my modded housing.

    Here are step-by-step instructions:

    Remove the face cover from the new gauge. Remove the two phillips screws from the back of the gauge, and remove the mechanism.

    Mark the housing on opposite sides where the holes will be drilled. Stay clear of the tits that hold the lens bezel in place. Drill about 1/8" below the edge of the housing. Drill pilot holes, then use a 5/32" bit to drill the holes to the final size. Deburr the holes using a needle file, dremel tool, or what-have-you. Fix up the damaged paint with a black permanent marker.

    Make the rod out of a 12-penny nail. Make it a little longer than the diameter of the housing so it catches in the holes, but not so long that it can't be removed when screwed into the pump body. Clean up the ends of the rod with a file.

    Clean the housing and rod thoroughly with soap and water. We don't want any metal particles getting in the mechanism. Allow to dry thoroughly. Reassemble the mechanism in the housing.

    Put Teflon plumbers tape on the threads of the gauge. Insert the rod thru your holes, and screw into the pump body until snug.

    Remove the rod. Simply pinch the housing up against the pump body near a hole, freeing one end of the rod.

    Insert the clear plastic lens, then the metal retaining ring. Push straight down on it with the palm of your hand and it will snap into place.


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    I've got a couple of their pumps and haven't had any issues with gauges, which is surprising since they live in my truck and get flown around to races. Kind of figured if anybody was going to have issues it would be me. Maybe they just had a bad batch though?

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    Yeah, I guess so. The first gauge failed when I was seating tubeless tire. The needle bounced past 70 on a downstroke then snapped back to 0, and would not work after that. The little rack gear apparently went too far and the needle totally unwound.

    The replacement has been working flawlessly (except for my sloppiness with the pipe dope) for going on a couple years and shows no sign of quitting.

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    Amazing floor pump....21 pumps gets 110psi!
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