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    Recommend me a tool kit

    Looking for a tool kit for bikes. I have basic tools at home (allen keys, screw driversn wrenches) but I'd like to start maintaining and repairing my gear myself so the kit would need the specialty tools.

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    There are a lot of cheapie kits and some high end kits out there.. but as you said bike tools are highly specialized and you can spend a lot on tools and still not get what you actually need.

    My advice is to look at your bikes and determine what you need, then decide if you want to buy a large kit or individual tools as you go. Depending on what you need, you'll be looking at the correct bottom bracket tool, crank puller if needed, casette lock ring tool, chain whip, chain breaker tool, cable cutters, maybe pedal wrench, spoke wrenches, floor pump, shock pump, grease, locktite, hex and torx socket set, cone wrenches if you want to service hubs, The Zinn Art of Mountain Bike Maintance book couldn't hurt.. etc etc.

    You'll also want a torque wrench and bike stand to do it right and efficiently.

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    Start with a good spoke wrench, cone nut wrench, chain breaker, cassette lockring removal tool, and some sort of chain checker or good metal ruler. None of these items are expensive.

    Pick on one of those black and yellow plastic Stanley toolboxes at Wal-Mart. I got the medium size and it is working out well.

    I made my own chain whip wrench out of an old piece of chain and a steel bar I had lying around. The length is custom-cut to fit the above toolbox

    With the above specialty items and the regular tools that you already have, you can handle most any routine maintenance and emergency repair. Add more esoteric and expensive (unless you make them yourself) specialty tools as you need them.

    I would also buy a few spare spokes and extra quick links to keep around. I lost my one-and-only link in the dark the night before a race. My wife found it, bless her heart, but I learned my lesson

    Here are some specific product recommendations:

    I had torque wrenches already but also got a 1/4" drive on sale at Harbor Freight. They are inexpensive an work well. While there, you may as well pick up an extra set of hex wrenches to keep in your bike toolbox. Just a few dollars.

    I have a Dremel tool that I use with a ceramic cutoff wheel for cutting cables. It works perfectly. If you don't have one, you can get a Dremel-type tool from Harbor Frieght for around $15. About the same price as cable cutters, and handy for so many other things.

    Here is a good inexpensive chain tool: Park Tool Co. CT-5 : Mini Chain Brute Chain Tool : Chain I was kind of put off because it is sold as a portable tool, but it was recommended by my LBS and turns out to be more than adequate for home shop use. The pin is replaceable. A tip -- be sure to grease the screw before using it.

    I like the 4-sided Park Park Tool Co. SW-42 : Four-Sided Spoke Wrench : Wheel & Spoke. Pedros used to make a better one with a 4-sided diamond-shaped and a regular three-sided opening. They quit making them, but sometimes you can find them on eBay or elsewhere online.

    I got a card of 6 KMC missing links for about $12 from eBay.

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    Re: Recommend me a tool kit

    Thanks for the detailed answers. I'm trying to get things before I need them because, like you I dont need anything until its an emergency lol.

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    I vote for only getting the tools you need for your bike first...

    Id start with the basics (ive only chosen park tool because of their ease of use website):
    Chain whip: Park Tool Co. SR-11 : 5 to 11-Speed Compatible Chain Whip/Sprocket Remover : Freewheel & Cassette
    Cassette lockring remover: Park Tool Co. FR-5 : Cassette Lockring Tool : Freewheel & Cassette (99% sure youll have this one)
    Bottom Bracket wrench: Park Tool Co. (get the appropriate one for the bottom bracket youre using)
    Cone wrenches for your hubs: Park Tool Co. SCW-SET.2 : Shop Cone Wrench Set : Hub & Axles (you really only need two sizes and if you have a higher quality hub you might not even need these)
    1/4" drive torque wrench: Park Tool Co. TW-1 : Torque Wrench : Torque Wrenches & Accessories Ive found the park tools 1/4 torque wrench to be the best value.
    3/8" drive torque wrench: I chose a beam-style from Craftsman/sears

    Get a good mutli tool with a chain breaker at first. Personally, I rarely need to use a chain breaker, so having a multitool with one allows me to also carry it with me on the trail.

    Ive assembled a bike with only what ive listed.

    Make sure you also have a good bleeding kit for your brakes (assuming you have hydraulic brakes)

    After you have all that, id go for a quality repair stand. its just one of those things you dont realize you need until you have it.
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    Try a search for toolbox. Lots of threads on this topic with good links to toolboxs in them and lists of tools you need.

    Individual tools seem to be the consensus.

    there are more
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    sette makes a really nice 37-piece tool kit. you can get one on for ~$140

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