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Thread: Mini Pump Hose

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    Mini Pump Hose


    This may not be for everyone but I just thought I'd post this up. The idea is to have a mini-pump driven hose with a universal head that can be hooked up to schrader or presta. This does multiple things for me.

    1) My old pump, I don't have to worry about which way it is set and what kind of tube I am trying to fill.
    2) Don't know how many times I've messed with trying to hold the wheel in my hand (on the trail) in an awkward position while trying to pump the tire up and worry about breaking the valve stem off, especially with presta valves.

    Here's what you'll need.
    Mini Pump Hose-dscf2350.jpg

    Avenir pump hose - Amazon - About $9:
    Michelin Avenir Dual Head Replacement Bicycle Floor Pump Hose : : Sports & Outdoors

    Schrader Valve from Ebay - About $7:
    Harley Touring Shocks Tank Fill Schrader Valve | eBay

    Adapter from Ace Hardware - 1/4" Barbed to 1/8" NPT - About $5 here in Hawaii.

    Scissors or something to cut the 1/4" hose.

    10 Minutes Time.

    Close up of the Valve and the Adapter
    Mini Pump Hose-dscf2351.jpg

    Cut the hose on the screwed end
    Mini Pump Hose-dscf2352.jpg

    Assemble the pieces (use tape if you want)
    Mini Pump Hose-dscf2353.jpg

    And you're left with this.
    Mini Pump Hose-dscf2354.jpg

    Once again, not sure if you'd be interested as you'll add weight to your pack. However, I feel it's a useful upgrade in the convenience it brings.

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    Waaay cool idea!1 Thanx, going to build one myself!
    Training on Hills Builds Character, That's How I Got To Be One!

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