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    Knipex 8" Bolt Cutter?

    KNIPEX 71 12 200 Comfort Grip High Leverage Cobolt Cutters with Spring -

    Any applications for these 8" mini bolt cutters in bicycle related work? Certainly no good for cable or housing cutting, maybe good for spoke cutting. Any other ideas?

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    spokes and fender stays

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    Spokes and fenders, like reptilezs said, are the only real applications I can think of off the top of my head.

    Get a pair of Knipex wire rope (cable) cutters instead, and keep a pair of large (7-8" overall length) dykes for cutting spokes/stays. For the number of times I've said to myself, "self, you could really use a pair of bolt cutters for this bike today" there have been many hundreds more that I've reached for the above two tools.

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    I got a pair of those with the normal grips to cut tig wire. They do make awesome spoke cutters and do a decent job of cutting cables , if they already happen to be in my hand. Knipex doesn't make a bad tool, if your using it for it's intended purpose.

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    They would also make quick work of getting a chain off. Especially if it's an old rusted one or you are going to be tossing it anyways.

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