• 10-26-2012
    How do I remove seat from Kronolog seatost?
    The LBS installed it all for me when I bought my bike. I want to swap saddles. I've removed the T25 Torx bolt, and the plastic retaining clip. Still can't get the "female" piece out to remove the seat brackets. Am I missing something? I've scoured the internet for a user manual and there is nothing I could find.


  • 11-05-2012
    Try this:

    Put the Rail clamp bolt (male) back into position and tighten, but don't tighten it all the way.

    get a small hammer and gently tap at the bolt so it " pushes the rail clamp nut (female) out the other direction.

    Hopefully this will solve your issue, you might even to use a lil' lubrication to loosen the rail clamp nut just in case.
  • 12-13-2012
    I did what ThundaCrymz recommended, and I was able to get the female side of the bolt and the clamp off, but then I still couldn't get the clamp piece off from the other side. I had to take everything apart and tap the clamp piece from the inside with a hammer. Took a few hits to dislodge it. All this just to lower the nose of the saddle a degree or two. I love the function of the post, but the saddle clamping mechanism is terrible!