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    Help Canadian newbie get all necessary tools

    Hey all, I just bought a bike for myself and will buy one for my wife.
    I'm total newbie to bicycles, but I love to learn and I like to do things myself to know they're done right.

    Could you help me out getting necessary tools to have in a garage for bike maintenance and also to assemble the bikes I bought.

    Here are the bikes:
    Marin Bikes | Bobcat Trail 29er | Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes, and City/Commuter Bicycles | us
    Marin Bikes | Coast Trail WFG | Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes, and City/Commuter Bicycles | us

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    Good day eh! How's it going eh?

    The main things you'll need are:
    2/2.5/3/4/5/6/7/8 mm hex [Allen] keys - MEC has these as a fold-up tool for cheap, or you can get them at Home Depot, Rona, etc.
    T25 Torx [for disc rotor bolts]
    #2 Phillips screwdriver
    Cable + housing cutters like this: Filzer Cable Cutter [I like the Park Tool version better]
    Bike pump
    Tire levers
    Bottom bracket tool - although I'd wait until I actually needed to replace the bottom bracket
    crescent wrench
    chain lube [WD-40 is bad for this, but feel free to use synthetic motor oil if you have a little extra left from your last oil change]

    For assembling the bike, the hex keys, T25 and the cable cutters are probably all you'll need. Oh yeah the Park Tool Repair Site can show you almost everything you need to know about basic bike maintenance. Check it out BEFORE you dive in to the build. Good luck! Celebrate with beer.

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    honestly, a basic cheapo 1/4 inch driver set will do 90% of what you need that isn't Specialty.. (bottom bracket, cassette and pedal wrenches)

    I have all kinds of fancy bike tool and drivers.. but, I always seem to fall back on this set and I still use it to date. It's just sooo easy and convenient with pretty much all the basic tools in one spot. Might have to look around being in Canada but there are other brands making the same basic thing for rather cheap prices. It's under $10 US price. There will be people telling you BS about it being cheap and stripping nuts and such.. but I've used it for years now and never had one issue. Just make sure you get the Metric one not SAE, (not sure if that's an issue in Canada)

    Shop Task Force 24-Piece Metric Mechanic's Tool Set at

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    Going to try and bring Trail Tire TV back. go take a look...

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    This tool alone could assemble the majority of a bike.

    I'm sure you have phillips screwdriver and pliers already lying around the house. Everything else is parts specific such as a bottom bracket tool, headset press, crank puller, chain breaker, chain whip or cassette tool and those are tools you probably won't use too often.

    You can also get a set like:

    You may also want to invest in a decent bike stand. Doesn't have to be a Park Tools or anything that fancy.

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