Hi! Greetings from Boston. I ride a Montague Crosstown, in the midst of some major upgrades.

In fact, one of the reasons I joined today is because I'm swapping the UG body on my wheelset (DA7400/7402 with Mavic Open 4CD rims) for a compatible 7403 HG body but I haven't been able to find a LBS yet with the necessary tool: FH10

Does anyone have a good idea as to where I could start a discussion about places in the Boston area that have it & can put it to good use? I usually go to Ace in Somerville, but their one guy with this tool moved to Cali & took it with him. I even called Harris Cyclery in West Newton to find out that they don't seem to have it in the shop there, either. Silly me. :-P

Hope everyone's had an excellent weekend! And let me know if you have any bright ideas....

-- xtownbeantown