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    i am looking to do a bottem bracket rebuild and i don't know what grease the use
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    You're likely to get a different response from every person. That said, Park puts out their polylube grease, which works fine. There is also your standard white lithium grease, available at any automotive parts store.

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    Marine grease- Harbor freight and use the 20% in store coupon on their website.

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    Second Marine grease. I use Phil Wood which is probably just re-branded Castrol Marine Grease. Stays contaminant free for a while.

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    Well... as indicated by wschruba, "you are likely a different response from every person". And I'm no different. Generally speaking, I agree with the marine grease thought. For the bottom bracket bearings, I generally prefer a waterproof grease. My logic is that I do ride in areas that involves water and mud on occasion. And, I have experienced failed bottom bracket bearings as a result of water/rust damage on reasonably new, low time bearings that lacked the proper original lubrication from Shimano. But that's another story.

    However, I also feel that choice of lubrication (grease) can be somewhat variable depending on environment and riding conditions. Riding in the more arid areas of the southwest might never see a wet or muddy environment and therefore could take advantage of a thinner, lighter lubricant with a lower friction coefficient. Frequency of maintenance can also play a role in choice and type of lubricant.

    Bottom line is that one type of grease might not be as well suited for your particular case. There are a number of high quality greases available. Do a little more research and understand some of the properties involved for your application. I know that this really didn't answer your question, but might have given you something to think about.
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