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    mm, maybe so. if it slides into the dropout like that, then standing on the pedals would loosen the lockring. i think.

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    Recently I had to buy a new magic tool to remove cassettes because the one I owned was MIA. More recently I had a carbon rim failure which also took out the rear tyre I had only ridden 5 times. The rim failed while crossing a 4 lane road - sketchy. The sidewall delaminated and blew out when I chose a ride to the beach over the bush. A sliver created an un-sealable escape valve in the edge of the tyre right on the rim bead. No amount of slime would hold over 15psi, so into the bin it went with it's carbon penetrating mate. At least that was the plan. Think I could find Miss Chain-Whip? She's probably in Switzerland with Magic Tool getting wed.., I pronounce you Mr Magic and Mrs Chain Tool. I can't see movies being made about it though!

    I digress. When there's no whipping tool, you need an alternative. I have plenty of gloves, but why hurt your hand and a glove when an old, dirty Tee shirt works just as well. Loop one "end" around the cassette and tie the other end to the rim and you have a mechanically sound system that can even clean the cassette a bit. It tightens as you apply more force to the cassette tool.

    Chain whip substitute-chain-whip.....jpg

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    To handle the awkwardness of the lock ring tool and adjustable wrench (or socket), slip an old quick release through the whole thing and the lock ring tool won't go anywhere.

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