• 09-02-2009
    Ah yes, sorry i must have skipped right pass that photo or it didn't load.
  • 09-12-2009
    you are the man
  • 10-01-2009
    compiled all files into a word document
    hey man, this is a great guide with lots of thought, humor, and time put into it. thanks a million. i compiled all the images and text into one word document so people can save it to their hard drive easier instead of saving each file individually. hope this helps!

  • 10-01-2009
    Thanks for your help. Now if you could only fix all the spelling errors and bad jokes.
  • 10-03-2009
    Sweet thread. Glad I found it.
  • 10-03-2009
    I'll pass on the cold, bitter coffee (reminds me of my X-wife) but overall a fantastic job Bob :thumbsup:
  • 06-20-2010
    What was the final weight of the bike? looks light.
  • 10-01-2010
    I wish you were my neighbor, LOL!:thumbsup:
  • 04-24-2011
    Love this thread... If one can build it they will know how to take care of it!

    Just wish you would make more like this...really educational.
  • 05-28-2011
    Great write up but did anyone notice he didn't use the saw guide correctly?
  • 05-28-2011
    Thanks for the comment.

    That has been explained. I had someone pose for a couple photos and he had the saw in the wrong place. Hand models aren't mechanics.

    By that time I had spent two days on this project and overlooked it.

    Did you find any spelling mistakes?
  • 06-21-2011
    Awesome! Thanks again! This will be very helpful...
  • 07-21-2011
    Very sweet post
    can i ask what the final cost of the whole project was?
  • 07-24-2011
    4 Years later....thanks for posting this! I moved away from the coolest bicycle shop in San Diego and so I'm now forced to wrench on my own bike.

    So cool!
  • 10-08-2011
    Most useful thread I've come across on mtbr so far.

    Many thanks for the effort to make people like me a little less bicycle ignorant. :D :thumbsup:

    one question though, is "ti prep" really necessary or would your standard automotive anti-seize work? I have a huge tub of that stuff left from when I used to do my own spark plug changes...
  • 11-03-2011
    So how hard is it to utile a bike.. I have no prior experience but want to
    give it a try
  • 01-24-2012
  • 05-07-2012
    Help with fame specs
    First off, gorgeous build!! Definitely drooling over it :D You seem like you really know what you are doing in your builds! Any chance you could give me some guidance and advice on an unknown frame I have and the specs for it? I want to know if it is possible or worthwhile to build up. I am pretty sure it is a very low end frame, but I was hoping that I could build it up and then switch everything over to a new frame when I have the funds and have decided on a quality frame. I am not sure that the specs will make this possible. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  • 05-17-2012
    Great read. The humor, the drama and the happy ending. I am thinking of adapting this to a screen play to submit to the local theatre (Plan B here in Utah). My builds are more like a horror story.
    ps - I cannot find anything regarding Ti anti-seize vs. non-specific (any metal) anti seize lubricants. I say use what you have.
  • 07-09-2012
    "Remember-cut twice, measure once." Classic.

    Very informative, yet entertaining build tutorial.
  • 08-22-2012
    Heretic Skeptic
    Fantastic. Really appreciate this Bob.
  • 10-21-2012
    posting in order to subscribe to this excellent thread...
  • 12-09-2012
    Awesome write up!!
  • 08-10-2013
    the images/photos aren't loading.. :-(
  • 08-10-2013
    That's too bad.
    It is a six year-old thread. Probably time for an updated version by someone.
    Bikes have come a long way since 2007, as has Youtube as a source for how-to info.

    While we wait for the 2013 CGI animated thread (with tapered headsets, BB30, BB92, 142x12 thru-axles, internally routed seatposts, and tubeless 27.5 wheels and tires), maybe the moderator can restore the old photos.
  • 08-11-2013
    thanks for you reply bikerbob!
  • 10-10-2014
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    I have been doing this to an older GT Ruckus 2.0 frame I picked up on ebay[always liked the I-drive bottom bracket design]
    took a while to work around the goofy 'lower shock mount nuts" that were missing when I got it but I came up with a beefy solution.
    now I am waiting on some slick honey to refurb my RS Reba rlt 120mm[somehow messed up my measurements, bought it from ebay but steerer was too short to mount anything except a stem], so I found a replacement crown steerer unit[from a U-turn, but I think it will swap everything over]and then I can finish it up.
    kept it 9 speed but used 2011/12 shimano XT 770 components except the brakes are XT785 with a 203mm front/160mm rear rotors [RT76]