Okay I have a older shimano 104bcd Deore 44-32-22 crank set. I decided to purchase a bashguard from BBG, I ended up getting a 34T tooth one incase I decide to increase the size of my middle ring.

1) Do I want the nut sleeve to go all the way into the bashguard bolt hole? Currently the ones I have the nut sleeve only guys through the middle ring bolt holes and the bolt holes on the spyder and doesn't really extend much beyond that. It never reaches the bolt hole on the BBG bashguard.

2) How long should the chainring bolts be? I have to measure but they are currently about 9mm I believe.

3) I do get some chain rub when I run the 32T chainring and the smallest two cogs of my 9 speed rear cassette. It seems the angle of the chain hits the bash guard in those two gears. Is this because I got the 34T bash and not the 32T? Is it possible to put some spacers between the spider and bashguard to make it extend out a bit more? If so any idea what size spacers I should try first?