So as a surprise for my GF I tore down her SC Juliana and took it in to a local powder coating outfit for a fresh look. The company has done numerous bikes and came recommended. I called to check in on the bike and they shot the wrong color. No biggie my lady liked it. Began the rebuild and found the BB threads were full of media blast, the rear triangle thru bolt threads are 3/4 full of powder coat, the hanger and rear brakes bosses are covered in powder coat, there is material remnants in both the front and rear frame sections and all areas that accepts thru bolts have been shot and will not accept the hardware. I asked if they needed any info on the frame and they said they were good. Seems like a pretty wonky job and I wanted to hear what you guys think is the best way to handle this and what you would expect from a powder coat job and what you would do in this situation.