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    aerosol clean & lube???

    About ten or so years ago I had a kit that had an aerosol can of some sort of cleaner and lube all-in-one. It had two different sets of brushes; each attached to the can via a little straw (just like you use with WD40). One attachment had three brushes, and you'd surround your chain with it; The other attachment was angled for sneaking in between chainrings and cogs. With either, you'd spin the pedals and spray the cleaner/lube. If I remember right, it worked great and made it really easy to clean and lube the drive train after every ride... a thirty second job! Anybody remember this stuff, or better yet, know if you can still get it? I know, I know; aerosol isn't very Politically Correct, but that seem slike a fairly small hurdle fo rhte maker to overcome, i fothers thought the product was as cool as I did.
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    thats before my mountain biking carrear started but i know that REI carries something that cleanes and lubes all in one you fill it up with the stuff and crank a lever on the side of it works like a champ i gotta pick one up the run for about 40 dollars and i think its made by pedros

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    Allsop chain cleaner. I still have one and use it sometimes in the winter when hose action outside is out of the question. Allsop, original name of the Softride suspension stem.
    Thing is, no such thing as a cleaner/lubricant. If it's a cleaner, it ain't lubing very well. If it's lubing, it's not really a cleaner. Your stuff was similar to WD-40, which is good for cleaning gunk from your chain, but not a lubricant.
    You can stick all kinds of cans in the little red brush holder deelie: 100 percent silicone for sub freezing winter rides, WD-40 for winter chain scrubbing, etc.
    But: if you don't want to involve water and detergent in your chain cleaning regimen, get some white lightning clean streak, which is like strong carburetor cleaner repackaged for bicycle geeks. It is nasty stuff so don't get a bunch all over your hands, it's bad juju like most industrial degreaser solvents. It will thoroughly desolve grease and leave your chain dry and clean. Then apply a quality chain lube drop by drop to each link, no spraying it as that wastes most of it and also messes up your chain. only place you need lube is between the chain pins and rollers, not all over the chain plates.

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