• 02-28-2013
    Update regarding CCDB Air and "progressive" or "forward" rocker mount position.
    The recommendation about the progressive location (forward) by riders in Calderdale was before the CCDB was fitted to bikes, and we’ve since found that the huge air can on the CCDB doesn’t sit well with the rocker shape on the El Guapo. Happily CCDB’s are so tunable that you can acheieve exactly the same progression of the airspring with internal shims provided, and the damping circuitry allows for tuning to have exactly the same shock response in the lower rocker mount position. It is possible to run the CCDB in the more progressive position, but the body of the air shock will be marked with very close contact/rubbing on the rocker in certain positions. - See more at:

    Titus El Guapo
  • 03-01-2013
    maybe consider supplying the Monarchs in the forward hole (seems to work great for me) and CCDB air in the back then. btw how did it take 9 months or whatever for someone to notice this? unless you supply them all in back.

    you're not going to redesign rocker at this point then? there's no user mod just shaving a bit off somewhere?

    btw Brant was meaning to ask (maybe wrong place sorry) what would happen if you added more holes in front and behind, assuming clearance i mean.
  • 03-01-2013
    Frames all ship with rockers out back.
    CCDB's can be adjusted to ride however, and there's an argument that linear compression rate generates more damping force so it's more tunable flatter.

    More holes? Crikey... no.
  • 03-01-2013
    The Thug
    CCDB Settings
    Brant, are the CCDB's customed tuned for the EG at On-One/Titus or left at the CC factory settings?