• 11-02-2012
    Titus height/frame size recommendation chart
    Does anyone know if a Titus height/frame size recommendation chart exists? Pivot has a nice one on thier website, but I can't find one for Titus. I am 5'8" with a 31" inseam and am wondering if a small or med Carbon X will suit me better. I currently ride a med racer x, but think I may do better with a small. Pivot has similar geo (not surprising) and they would have me on a small. Any thoughts out there from riders who are "in between" sizes?
  • 11-03-2012
    I would say medium. I'm 5'11" 33" inseam and all 6 of my Titus bikes are large and they all fit me perfect.
  • 11-06-2012
    I'm about the same size as you. I have a med Racer X and tried a small once. I'll stick with the med. The cockpit was extremely tight. After that ride I went with a longer stem on my med and liked it even better. Have a 100 mm stem with 17 degree rise. To each his own of course. YMMV
  • 11-07-2012
    I'd start a thread, but I don't have enough posts(only need 2 more after this). I'm 5'10.5-11 and ride a large racerX 29er. I was previously riding a Trek top fuel 9.9 in large also. When I got the racer x I compared all the specs between the two and decided on a large titus. It fits great and is not a problem at all, but I know it's a bit big because I don't have much seatpost to clamp in my work stand and I have most parts adjusted on the tight side of normal. I talked to Bikerbob(AWESOME service:thumbsup:) yesterday and he didn't have a med demo at the moment to trade and mentioned that I ought to try here. It's a 2008 I think, but may be a 2007. All I want to trade is front and rear triangles. I like my fork, shock and everything else and would rather not inherit(or pass on) any problems. If anyone has a med and would rather have a large, mine is silver anodized and I have two titus boxes so shipping would be easy. Thanks in advance!

  • 11-10-2012
    I don't want to turn this into a threadjack:nono:, but does anyone have any interest in my last post? Thanks!