I found this on the HammerHead forum so I thought I would share with the rest of you Titus lovers out there!

The Titus Demo Truck will be coming to town this weekend. We will begin setting up on location at the usual spot: 360 Entrance to BCGB. Titus has a few all new bikes that have been getting a lot of attention everywhere they go. Hammerhead Bicycles was one of the first shops in the country to build up and sell the new FTM (Full Tilt Moto). It is a very sexy and capable machine. However it doesn't end there....come ride the new X race bike....the new El Guapo....or arguably the fastest bike in the TX Championship Series: Racer X 29er! Get the chance to ride what the top Cat 1 racers (male and female) have chosen for their XC weapons. Wink

This Saturday 3/28 we will be having the Titus Demo truck at the 360 Entrance to the Barton Creek Greenbelt.

The demo will begin at 9am and go until 1pm. Come on out and ride all the new bikes!....FTM....X....El Guapo....Racer X 29er...Fireline...and more...

Then on Sunday 3/29 you will find the Titus Demo Truck and all its wares located at the Hammerhead Racing Team Tent along with a fine Keg (or 2) of Steamworks Beer on tap for everyone's enjoyment.

Who can argue with kegs of fine Durango beer for free?!?!