Obviously i have a On One Carbon 456, love it to bits. But! Over the 9 months i have had it's turned into a real love hate relationship. For every 1 mile of trail i love it on there is 1 mile of being beaten to death on it, such is life with a hardtail. As most of my mates rock full sus bikes they naturally go faster over the bits i am being beaten to death on. They finish the trail smiling and refreshed i finish feeling like i have had 10 rounds with Mike Tyson. Well this has to stop i thought.

Thing is i didn't want a layed back 5-6" travel bike that will just smooth everything out the trails. The trails i ride are not full of big gnar and i have no passion to jump over the moon or do DH etc i just want to rip singletrack and local XC (some of which is cut up quite bad by horses making it like a cobbled street real teeth breakers on a hardtail.)

Well after much looking and pondering the X seemed like a great choice. 100mm travel, well suited to my dual air reba 100mm, classic XC geo. I am hoping it will smooth the bumps out when I want it too and be stiff when I need it to be, ie climbs etc.

I am a little worried about the steeper geo hoping it wont feel like i am going over the bars all the time. Also i heard the BB rides a little low so prone to pedal strikes and the riding is 'lively.'

I'd love to hear some real life accounts of how there X rides.

Oh i also plan on runing a 70mm stem good idea bad idea?