I just bought a used RX100 a little while back and have been building it up over the past several weeks. It is finished and rides fine, but coming off of a ti rigid bike the RX is pretty heavy. I ride midwestern single track trails here in Missouri, and since this is an older frameset it has the canti-studs as well as the disc mounts in the frame. Although I will lose some braking efficiency and power, I can easily change-out the brakes from the Avid BB7's to XTR V-brakes and a set of rim brake crossmax wheels I have in the parts bin and save some notable weight over the discs and the Bontrager Race Lite disc wheelset.

My issue is that when I tried to do this change-out recently I found that the XTR v-brake pad allen bolt hits the rear derailleur cable. My question to Racer X owners with V-brakes is how have you dealt with this interference issue? I haven't contacted titus yet to ask the question, but figured that maybe one of the minority of V-brake equipped racer X's might be able to provide insight.