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    Offset bushings on Motolite?

    Anybody tried it yet? I have a small ML as a back-up bike and really like the slacker head angle on my GT Sanction. TIA..
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    I forget who posted it, but I believe someone on the Titus board has (or had) a motolite with offset bushings. ebeer maybe? I can't remember off the tope of my head right now..
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    Bump on an ancient thread because I'm considering trying an offset bushing or two on my MotoliteII. I checked and the the rear triangle cross member is close to hitting the frame as-is, so i'm not sure if it will work actually but i'm fairly certain I could run one 3mm offset.

    Angleset is actually out of the question for me right now because due to my short steering tube i can't go with a headset any bigger than about 20mm total stack height, and all the anglesets with external cups are 30+mm.

    Not that I'm dissatisfied with my ML, it kicks serious ass. I'd just like to slacken the headangle just a bit though to try it.

    I contacted "ebeer" on this and he actually was running an angle set (and loved it, apparently), but I can't find a single person using offset bushings on one.

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