I just got in the mail, a NOS Moto-lite! It was wicked cheap, I'm guessing because it doesn't have any carbon do-dads? Anyways, not only does it not have any carbon fiber (except for the print on the decal), it has a set of waterbottle bosses under the downtube! I don't know why my newer one doesn't have that. The set on top of the downtube is lower also, as my newer one has them a bit higher, and I can only fit a small bottle in there. I don't know the frame only weight of my new one, I'm sure it's a bit lighter, I just don't know how much. What I'm going to do with 2 moto-lites... I do not know; how I'm going to justify this to my wife... I definitely do not know. If only I could have waited 6 months before buying my first!