I took my 06 RX in for a tune up and to have them check some looseness in the rear triangle. My shop called me back and said that the chainstays were pulling away from the drop outs. They then told me that Titus we shipping a new set. They weren’t sure how soon they were going to get there. Well it only took 1.5 weeks to get the chainstays replaced at no charge. Thanks Titus and Roaring Mouse Cycles in SF.

The bike is running fine. I was very happy have something like that fixed relatively quickly at no charge. The new chainstays are a different design and the attachment has a bigger area for the contact between the carbon and the aluminum. To those of you who have an 06 –RX(these were the first with the carbon rear) keep an eye on the chain stays. My shop said it was a bit of a known problem. I had 2200 miles on the bike so it took a while to show up.