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    FTM Linkage Play?

    I seem to get a bit of vertical play in my suspension linkage on my 2010 FTM aluminum. When I lift up on the seat when I'm off of the bike I get probably 1/8" of vertical play in the linkage. May be normal, but don't have another FTM to compare it to. Originally thought it was the shock, but don't think so after looking closer. Anyone else get this?

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    You might need a new DU bushing. Its a cheap fix and any bike shop should be able to do this. I recently did this and it cost like $5 with the bushing.

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    Mine does the same, just found out recently.

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    Mine just as tight as a .......................... Brand New Bike. 2 years old now.
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    Bob suggested the DU bushing and bearing kit. I'll give it a go.

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    Hello jdeem1977, My 2010 had the same symptom before a rebuild. I replaced the DU bush and bolt with a RWC needle bearing and now have buttery smooth suspension. Check out this past post for some info on the shock, seat-stay mounting hardware: 09 FTM Broken Swing link Shock Mount Bolt!

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