Competed this last weekend on my new frm carbon. Chose to race this over my Intense Tracer as the course was not very rough / gnarly. It was very fast however with a huge number of both high and medium speed corners. Top speed was just under 50km ph (no fire trail).
Bike set-up was as per my other thread except I ran Marz 44 rc3's. Bike weight was 13kg. Interestingly, with a 150mm Marz or RS fork and a Hans Dampf front / 2.25 Crossmark rear - the head angle is bang on 67 degrees. All my concerns re an overly steep head angle were unwarranted - this bike is very stable at speed.

I run a large frame with 50mm stem and 750 bars to give me the stable wheel base and to put me well behind the front axle. With this set up the bike blew me away. Cornering is amazing. The frame is not massively stiff in the old 'wiggle the rear wheel from side to side' test but in practice is impressively so. Bumps up to medium in size are dealt with very very well. Only the larger hits (there was one short rock garden with a few football sized rocks) revealed the limitations of 135mm of travel but there was enough stability in the chasis to deal with it. All in all this is a great race bike for gravity enduro / AM provided the track isn't overly gnarly. Very impressed.

As an indicator - I halved the time gap between myself and my riding buddy who always beats me by a good margin and who wins his class.