Hey All!

Not a big deal but just wanted to let you know that the Chris King Fun Bolts do not sit securely or flush in the Vertical Dropouts for the Fireline and Eleven. The Horizontal Drops however are a perfect match for the fun bolts- no slipping without a tensioner.

As a solution for having a King Wheelest that could be used for either SS or geared use, just get the King QR adaptors for the heavy duty axle. That will allow you to use the fun bolts for SS use and the QR for geared.

I found this out the hard way- I was securing the fun bolt in the vert dropout (drive side-arghhh!!) and it just snapped the der hanger like it was made of glass. Not a manufact defect on Titus' part- been running that hanger just fine with no hits to compromise strength- just the right (or the wrong amount) amount of leverage when resecuring the wheel and didn't notice the lack of fit...