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    Bearing replacements

    Hi, guys.
    Sorry for another n00b question.
    Before I build up my EG, was thinking of a bearing overhaul.
    Was reading the 2 guides:

    Titus Bicycles US - Bearing Replacement

    Titus Bicycles US - Bushing Replacement

    Very confused.

    Based on this photo :

    Would someone kindly please explain what I need to do with each point?
    # Is there a bearing in A, B, C or D or all of them?
    # Which ones require bushings?
    # Which ones use the 6802 bearings and which ones need the 608 bearings?
    # Any idea what is the specification of the bushings used?

    Sorry guys and thanks in advance for helping....

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    The bushings are in the pivot at the dropout, "B" in your photo. All the other pivots use cartridge bearings.

    For the bearings on the shock link, "C" and "D", you can probably read the tiny print on the dust seals. These are the small 608 bearings.

    The main pivot bearing, "A", uses the larger 6802 bearings.

    The bushings are probably fine. They barely rotate so it's not like they wear-out quickly, just clean them and grease them. Titus/On-One is probably the only source for new ones.

    The bearings should be replaced if they are rough or notchy when you rotate the linkages, or if they have any movement/play in them. Otherwise I would just leave them and worry about it later. You can pop the rubber seals off the bearings on the rocker link and add some more grease if you want.
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    I myself am looking for the inner aluminum bushings for the rear Horst link of a 2005 Motolite.

    To be clear, I've got the poly/composite ”outer” bushings that can be obtained from IGUN or Enduro. What I need are the metal "barrels" that fit inside those.

    Does ANYONE have any ideas on where to get those?

    I sent an email to On-One. No reply yet.


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    I would honestly say that those bearings and bushings are fine unless one bearing is notchy or something. I know guys that abused EG's for years and never replaced a bearing or bushing. Vince at Planet X in Portland. If he has the parts he will get them to you.

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    I have a 2010 FTM that has a bit of play in the rear triangle somewhere. Have been trying to pinpoint the most likely culprit as the complete kit @$75 seems a bit much considering I am probably gonna get on a something new before too long...but may just do it anyway.

    My guess would be the main pivot bearings, would that be a correct assumption?

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    I have the same issue, on the same bike. I had the horstlink bushings here and installed, but did not help. Very minute play so I don't know how soon I will deal with it, but i may try to source local bearing cos. keep us posted what you do and what you find.

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