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    2009 Titus El Guapo Refresh ideas

    So I've had a 2009 Titus El Guapo that I got from Bob for quite a while. It's a great bike that's traveled all over the US with me and I still think it has a lot of potential. Given the technical evolutions that have taken place in the last 5 years here is my refresh idea to update the bike and possibly lose some weight.

    Fork - 2010 Fox 36 TALAS RC2 - Change to tapered Rockshox Pike

    Headset - go to internal upper and external lower to run tapered steerer

    Front Hub - will need to go from 20mm to 15mm, open to suggestions
    - currently using Stans 3.30 front and rear

    Drive train - switch from 2x10 to 1x10 with WTC front ring and upgrade to clutch style derailleur in the back

    Crankset - upgrade from old Shimano SLX 175mm to new Shimano XT 170mm
    - stick the old crankset on my Redline Monocog Flight to lose weight

    Rear Shox - old Fox RP23 will get ditched for CCDB Air with Climb Switch

    This bike is currently living with me in Illinois but sees a lot of time in Colorado, Montana, and Arizona. With Bob's help I'm hoping to drop some weight, check out some new technology, and do it all for a better price than replacing a bike I love.

    Hoping to do this conversion in spring of 2015. Any experience or recommendations on the components I've listed above is much appreciated.

    And no, I'm not changing wheel sizes. As an engineer I recognize advances in different geometries/materials/etc. but as a cyclist I'm just going to ride what's most fun to me. I don't race and all I use these bikes for is adventure and cheapish stress relief.

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    Why not just get a Marz fork? They still make forks with 1-1/8 steerer and 20mm axle. They're also really good forks. It would save you some change to get the higher end Ti version. And you could use the funds on more important weigh savings like lowering rotating mass

    I have no experience with the Pike but my next upgrade will be to a Marz. I'm currently on a Magura Thor 150 (super light and stiff fork) and just want a bit more travel.

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    Good to know someone still uses a 20mm axle, I love the stiffness and at 210 lbs I can feel the difference.

    The 2009 El Guapo runs a 1.5" headset so I'd like to try a tapered steerer to see if I detect a stiffness or weight difference.

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