• 01-15-2013
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    Tyler 29er SS gear ratio advice.
    Im going to ride Tyler fo the first time this weekend and am looking for grar ratio advice. I ride a 29er with a 34:18 ratio (sometimes 32:17) at Huntsville and run a 32:16 at Double Lake. I ran a 32:17 last year at Rustin and completed the trail fine but really felt like a 32:18 would have been better.

    What do you guys run?
  • 01-15-2013
    BikeCalc.com - Fixed Gear Calculator

    set your ideal cadence (between 95-105) for me, and then play with this until you find the gear that will give you a little less speed on the flats at your normal cadence+20 (my single speed 39x16 spins out at about 25mph while still allowing me to climb out of the saddle on the hard stuff ok, which is perfect for what I use it for)
  • 01-15-2013
    I rode 32x16 at huntsville and doublelake. Used 32x20 at Tyler and it worked well enough. Still sections you'll have to run/walk - though you might have more skill than myself.
  • 01-15-2013
    32x20 or 32x21
    Should be great this weekend. My team put on a benefit race there last weekend. It rained a bit in the first hour of the race but the trail soaked it up. 90% of the trail was primo for the rest of the day. This weekend will be hero dirt.