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    If you're not cold for the first 5 to 10 minutes, you're over dressed.

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    Did 12 miles at 42F this morning. Worst that I had was sub 32F a few weeks back. Beats the snot out of the -20F that I had in chicago.

    I recommend the following:
    Long fingered gloves. Duh. But I wear the short ones in the summer.
    Head cap. most of your heat escapes through your head.
    Arm warmers. These can be taken off once you get warm.
    Vest with a vent. I have a pearl izumu that is windbreaker in the front and mesh in the back (where you will get hot)
    Sleeveless lower layer.

    I often wear a long sleeve lower layer with a regular jersey on top.

    The key to texas is wearing layers and taking them off as you get warmed up. However a smart guy once told me that if you aren't cold for the first 15 minutes, you're overdressed.
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    I grew up in the northeast and dealt with cold up there. I've found that having full finger gloves and a light jacket works good down here. I rode the other day when it was in the 30's and had a long sleeve jersey with a light jacket and that worked good. I wore shorts and double socks cause my shoes are summer shoes. Also having a balaclava is nice to have when it's cold out so the air you breathe in is a little warmer.

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    I have a Dakine Apex hydration pack that I use in the winter. It's larger than my Mule and easier to pack the extra layers or store layers I'm taking off without the pack feeling like a stuffed sausage on my back.

    Taking extra stuff is great because you can dress where you are cold and if you don't warm up in 10 minutes you can add a layer.

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    Shorts: my legs warm up just fine in 5 minutes, and a light breathable hoody. That's all I wear for temps down to 50ish.

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