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    Bobby is still around, the club is sound and has a very good president and BOD now. Most of the social activity has migrated to Facebook and Meetup has been an awesome on-ramp for new members. DORBA is back up to over 1,500 members last I heard recovering from a couple of hard years. There are more trail miles under DORBA stewardship than ever.

    The DORBA forum is dying really because people are on FB. More and more trails have twitter accounts for updates and Facebook pages. Several new race promoters have emerged and work in concert with DORBA to provide events almost every weekend year-round.

    I would have to say things are better than they have been since I joined almost 20 years ago.

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    I loathe using web forums on my phone (or other portable devices) because they always feel clunky. Facebook just makes being social easier.... isn't that what it is suppose to do? I really like MeetUp for clinics though. It is nice to not have to sift through calendars and stickies and crap to know what is going on.... I get an email that lets me know and if I decide to go, the site sends me a link to automatically set it up in my phone's calendar.

    I think DORBA is doing pretty well, myself. There are still squeaky wheels every now and then, but it is operating pretty smoothly.... maybe too smooth?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spoook View Post
    I see some well respected people like Bobby D have veered away from DORBA.

    Any updates?
    it seems more splintered than ever.

    Maybe someone should start a group like DORBA use to be .... well at least a website w/ forums and trail updates and other info would be good.
    The prior system administrator was unable to keep the website forums up for an extended period of time and the DORBA board took no action for an extended period of time. That action/inaction contributed to the online splintering of the potential DORBA forum users. During the period that the forum was not reliably available, some of them started coming here instead, some the DORBA facebook page, some the DORBA meetup group, and other online locations. When the prior system administrator left and the forum become reliable again, those users kept going to their favored location instead of the DORBA forums. If they are having a difficult time regrouping Dallas riders, I'd suspect the same for you.
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    DORBA - Is it down?

    DORBA as a whole is probably in its best shape ever. The current BOD is full of passionate hustlers getting things done like crazy. I'm happy to get to work with them putting together events that benefit the overall cycling community and DORBA itself.

    DFW has the best MTB culture in all of Texas at this point in time. That is my very biased opinion.

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