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    Setting up tubeless

    On rare occasion, when installing a new tire on our Fandango, I have trouble getting the initial "seal" on inflation. This occurs despite using my compressor with 150+ lbs of pressure, and lots of coaxing to get the bead to "snug up" all the way around the rim. I've even used a piece of string, run completely around the center of the tire, and then slowly tightened, to compress the tire/laterally expand the beads, to get the bead to seat. This trick actually works on most of the more difficult cases.

    However, the last tire change, none of these worked. What did was taking a small flux brush (any small brush would work) and dipping it in the sealer solution, and painting the tire circumferentially at the seal line. I gave it a few minutes to get slightly tacky, and then inflated....successfully.

    Thought I'd share this tip with others, in case anyone else had wrestled with this problem.


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    You can do the same with the Latex Form Builder alone, if you have some....nice and thick and makes a good seal. But the diluted sealer worked fine for me.

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