• 09-18-2012
    Looking for tandem fatbike builder
    My wife and I started dating on my dad's old Santana, since then we've had a few others but the best toy has been our Ventana El Testigo Experto which has taken us through the Transrockies TR7 twice now. We are in North Idaho and I've had a Pusley for years. I have a dream of a fat tandem for our snowmobile trails out here. I've seen one from Belgium and a couple of prototypes on the web. I've sent a few emails to both fatbike and tandem manuacturers without anyone really geting excited about it. I'd love an aluminum frame and to fit Moonlander wheels for stiffness, light (relatively) weight, and maximum float. Let me know if any of you can think of somebody who would take on this project. Tom
  • 09-18-2012
    I think Alex at MTBtandems.com was working on something, but have not heard any details...

  • 09-19-2012
    I did get an immediate response from the guys at Sandman Bikes in Belgium. We're starting to talk details before even thinking about cost. So far I'm very impressed with them. I'll update as things develop.
  • 09-19-2012
    I would talk to this guy too.


    He is in the running to build our next off-road tandem.

    If he'll do a big tire machine, I bet he'll build exactly what you want, in most any material.

  • 09-20-2012
    The guys over at 616 Fabricators had one at the Ore to Shore, it was their first demo. There were some things that needed to be improved on it (tube stiffness mostly), but they were talking like they were taking orders. Bike Frames, Hubs, Merch, West Michigan, Six 1 Six Bicycle Fabrication
  • 09-24-2012
    Schlick Cycles makes one
  • 12-20-2012
    I was thinking about the same thing. We don't have snow here, but I am enjoying my fat front a lot! I figure all you need is a chromoly tandem frame and a pugsley (or moonlander).

    Take the 100mm bb from the pugsley and the cs and ss and replace the rear end. If you could get surly to donate one of those broken ss (at the seat tube so you'd cut it there anyways) pugsleys and found a cheap steel frame, you could totally try it out cheaply without breaking the bank.

    Trusting a fat fork on a tandem could be a bit more complicated and risky, however. One of those dual crown forks that accepts a 3.8" tire might be just the thing.

    You would also have to fiddle to get the timing chain's chainline right, but I don't think chainline problems would kill the idea. Maybe the worst case scenario is that you have to change the front to a 100mm shell as well.
  • 12-24-2012
    John has been building a lot of fat bikes lately and he has built many tandems over the years for various brand name tandems. Hargadon custom cycles | Facebook
  • 01-17-2013
    John changed his Facebook account http://www.facebook.com/hargadon.cycles.3
  • 01-18-2013
    In my mind's eye, I am seeing a human powered version of this:

  • 01-20-2013
    I'd post a pic of our fat tandem but I don't have enough posts on this forum to post pics. You can see it on Facebook by searching for Mom & Pop Racing. PM of email me for details on the build......

    It rides great..... The pic shows a missing timing chain because we broke it during this race.... we finished without it!

    I will second Scott Quiring if you're serious about a custom fat frame... If anyone can pull it off with out a hitch it's Scott!
  • 02-14-2014
    Any updates? Any new fat tandems out there? After spending a lot more time on a fat bike, I am beginning to think this could be a lot of fun!

    There are a few builders out there that will do a custom fat tandem, but it seems that Sandman is the only "production" fat tandem out there. I also hear that Ventana is working on a prototype...
  • 02-15-2014
    Ventana will be doing a fat bike tandem shortly. Stay tuned for details. Also have discussed with 616, and they're doing a couple now. Should have more info from them shortly too.
  • 03-15-2014
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    I made my own :)
    just needs paint
  • 03-15-2014

    Originally Posted by Burnt-Orange View Post
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    I made my own :)
    just needs paint


    Can you provide details?

    Tire/rim size, Rear spacing, Gearing etc.

  • 03-15-2014
    xs pugs back reinforced
    khs tandem down tube and front ebb bb converted to pinch bolt
    35mm down and top tubes from nova
    all angles 72 degrees
    front sized to match my 17.5 stumpy frame rear is for the really short people in my life
    165 rear 170 front trials cranks with white industries free wheel for independent pedal
    hope tech 4 brakes with 203 rotors
    light marge rims and black floyds
    i9 rear hub and hope front hub built up with sapiam strong spokes 2.3/2.0 single butted with brass nipples

    I built it for comfortable gravel grinding and road riding with the wife
    we are going to use it on a century with all the roadies this fall
  • 08-19-2014
    Dave Staublin
    My wife and I are riding a brand new FAT Tandem from Rogue Cycle Works in Grand Rapids, MI. Daniel Koert is the builder, formerly with 616. It's a marvelous machine, rides great! You can contact Daniel at koertdaniel@gmail.com or find him on Facebook; search Rogue Cycle Works. You can see photos of our tandem below.
  • 08-19-2014
    Dave Staublin
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    Rogue Cycle Works Fat Tandem
  • 08-20-2014
    What does a Fat Tandem ride like on real trails (i.e. not snow or sand)?