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Thread: Iceman riders

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    Iceman riders

    Anyone here do Iceman this year? There looked to be about 28 tandem teams. Two were related to me: My bro-in-law and his son seen here (about 6:40 in the video) 2011 ICEMAN Cometh - YouTube

    on their Fandango 29. Also my sis-in-law and her daughter (no video of them). Both teams finished strong. Looked like fun!

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    Quiring Tandem

    This was my fourth year doing it tandem, but with a new stoker this year after three years with my neighbor. We had an early wave start and the course was pretty fast for us, so we ended up having a good day, finishing second on our Quiring Rohloff 29er.

    GET Bret Weir, I said.

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    ice video

    just for kicks - a guy behind us for nearly 10 minutes, posted this video, taken during the race. Not many other racers in the picture - this race does a nice job of staging and sending the riders off in equal waves, and that this point we're just inbetween waves.

    Iceman Tandem - YouTube
    GET Bret Weir, I said.

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    Nice job to you both.Cool video, looks like a great place to ride and race.
    Ed and Pat Gifford
    the Snot Rocket tandem

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