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  • 07-12-2016
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    New Ventana for us!
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    So we have made the jump from our Cannondale Mt3000 to our Fandango DC-9 to this Ventana FS. It was hard to leave the Fandango behind. Funny how our bikes become like part of the family??

    My stoker was in a accident (not her fault) and several lower vertebrae were damaged. She never complained over the past 2 years but I felt it would be best to move up to the FS just to give her more protection and comfort. We test rode while at Mtb Tandems in Woodstock Ga. Alex Nutt is the man when it comes to off road tandems. Not sure if we really needed it, we left it and went on and rode the Fandango in North Carolina. We rode downhill on Beech Mountain, the Virginia Creeper trail, Warrior Creek at Kerr Scott and other trails on the Emerald Outback on top of Beech Mt.
    The Fandango did great on all. Our trails in Texas are overall smooth but can be rooty at times. It just came down to comfort and protection so we pulled the trigger and picked it up on the way back home. So far we love it and looking forward to many happy miles and memories from it.

    My stoker appropriately named it the Texas Two-Step! Ready to dance with it for a long time.
  • 07-18-2016
    Looks nice! When you two pick a color you really go all in. Matching helmets are as far as we've made it.
  • 03-23-2017