Our 135 year OLD team - 142 years counting our team puppy Bandit certainly can't begin to do the kind of MAJOR rides that PMK and others have posted about.

HOWEVER, I'm VERY proud of my sweetie GAIL (known as QOFE - Queen of F***ing Everything for her performance at the Catoctin Charity ride here in MD/PA last weekend and consider myself to be the Luckiest Man Alive!


Bandit wins "Top Biker Dog" prize by being the cutest (and only) pup to complete the route AND by charming everybody at the Saturday evening party at the Lodge at Blue Ridge Summit!

QOFE wins "Toughest Gal" prize by pushing Old Fat Guy & Furry Brick (Bandit) up 3,300 feet of climbs on the 50 mile Saturday course in record 99 degree heat
This even included pushing them up a VERY steep gravel road to the lunch stop that virtually every other biker walked. It was so steep that the tandem rear tire was slipping most of the way up!
(After all that she trny camped with us then pedaled us back to the start on Sunday morning!)

QOFE ALSO wins "Most Seasoned Hawt Babe" prize by a full decade or more over the dozens of Hawt Babes on the VERY Scenic ride!