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Thread: surly ogre

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gritter View Post
    MTB29erCurt is correct, it's a RackTime.

    I bought two of these "Snapit Adapters", they (oh) snap into either the front rack or the rear rack, and it's very secure without bungies. I bolted one "snapit adapter" to a waterproof bag and it's awesome. They sell locks for them to lock into the snap. I'm guessing it's at least designed in Germany (Tubus).

    Now, after all of that, it's time for full disclosure. I was only meaning to tout the merits of my Ractkime Racks. The REAR has been used on the Ogre and Troll and it's been wonderful. I have never mounted the front racktime to the Ogre for a few reasons:

    It would sit way too high. It's pictured previously on a non-suspension-corrected fork, so the fork's crown isn't so far away from the top of the tire. The center of gravity of your load would be much higher on the Ogre, with it's extra long fork. It would look goofy too.

    The grey bike pictured also has much narrower fork blades. The semi-fatty Ogre fork blades sit too wide, so I'd have to BEND the Racktime front rack's "legs" wider to fit over the Ogre's semi-fatty fork. I didn't want to stress my rack, especially since it's aluminium, so I avoided ever mounting it to the Ogre since I already didn't like how it would sit too high.

    Sorry for talkign so much about a front rack that I cannot recommend for the Ogre in good faith. I didn't mean for it to go this way. The rear rack is fine, it's good, it's great, but a big NO on the FRONT rack for the OGRE (or other tall forks).
    I agree that the Racktime frontit front rack sits to high, but I liked the adapter system and wanted a racktime rack on my bike. You can hack a Racktime rear rack to fit the front of (some) bikes. This is my Specialized AWOL with a Racktime Lightit Touren rear rack on the front, and I am sure that a Racktime rear rack could be made to fit the front of an Ogre.

    Look for the Tubus/Racktime mudguard hanger, as you can bend it, dremel out the bolt holes a bit and use it to attach the "rear" of the rack to your front fender bolt at the fork crown (you may need a slightly longer bolt). For an older Ogre, it would probably work quite well with one of those problem solvers fender hangers and if the new Ogre is non-suspension corrected, it may fit new Ogre forks like it does on my AWOL.

    surly ogre-20160730_163701.jpg
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    I've been playing around with different bars and stems, trying to find the perfect position on my Ogre. I've had flat bars, loop bars, short stems, long stems, angled stems...but I think this combo feels the best, at least so far.

    surly ogre-img_1247.jpg
    2015 Surly Ice Cream Truck
    2016 Surly Ogre

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    im really digging the soma junebug bars on the ogre,i put a shorty 45 degree rise stem on and its pretty much perfect,although im sure at some point the surly open bars will go on...but overall the jones loop bars have spent thousands of miles on the bike,im sure in the long run they will end up back on the ogre...

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    after a few towing sessions with the BOB trailer the junebug bars were just a touch too narrow for good control over the trailer when standing and climbing,and the 32/18 gear was a bit much for pulling a loaded trailer uphill...heck,i was riding the karate monkey ss on a 32/19 for the trails so for pulling a trailer it was a grunter...
    so,swapped the wheels from the karate monkey since the nano was basically useless in the sand and the ogre rarely venture off anything rougher than gravel and put the white industries dos enos 20/22 on and put the surly open bars on since this bike primarily is my in town commuter bike and it got the bb7's off the straggler as the old ones had a lot of miles on them...
    and greened her up some more...some swag grips from the qpb rep and some spank spike pedals...

    surly ogre-dsc04243.jpgsurly ogre-dsc04242.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by hamsterspam View Post
    ...and greened her up some more...
    Yeah you did. Well done, sir.
    Out to ride

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    Well I bought a Surly Cheater bar for my Ogre. I will post up some pics once I get it installed. Theirs only a few pics online.
    Surly Ogre
    Marin Pine Mountain 1

    Next...something with squish

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