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    Surly Mr Whirly singlespeed chainline?

    Hey hey Surly people!

    Going to build a bicycle with:

    * FRONT: Mr Whirly singlespeed cranks, bb, spindle and stuff. Plus a pair of Dingle Cog-counterpart chainrings.
    * REAR: a 135mm disc/free hub plus a freewheel alternative to Dingle Cog (produced by White Industries).

    I'm anxious about the chainline. I failed to find numbers neither for the rear side, nor for the front side.

    What chainline does the 135 mm hub have? What adjustment does Dingle Cog make on the hub's chainline (i'd love to have two numbers for inside and ouside chainline of a freewheeled Dingle Cog installed on a 135mm hub).

    As for the front side... Surly website hosts a PDF manual for Mr. Whirly, but it includes numbers only for the MTB triplet, not for singlespeed. What chainline does Surly's singlespeed crankset have? Will it suit the 135mm hub?

    Another problem is whether it is possible to install a pair of chainrings on a Surly spider as close to each other as Dingle Cog does.

    Thx in advance!

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    My Mr Whirly SingleSpeed Cranks are probably a 50mm chainline one a 73mm wide BB shell, riding on Chris King external bearings. (I measured mine at 49.40mm the best I could). The outside positioning of the chainring apparently brings it out enough to work with their hubs to 53.5mm.

    My White Industries Trials FreeWheel is probably at 55mm chainline, on a 135mm O.L.D. Surly Ultra New Disc SS Hub.

    Surly's website says, "chainline 135mm Surly New hubs: 53.5mm chainline (designed to run the ring on the outside tab of a 50mm chainline system, 50mm being the MTB standard)" (

    I don't know if the W.I. freewheel moves the chainline a bit from Surly's measurements, or I could probably be measuring mine wrong.
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