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    Skinny tires for Karate Monkey

    I would like skinny tires for longer urban rides any suggestions? Thanks

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    How skinny? I liked the schwalbe marathons that I had on my cross check. They are labeled 47mm.

    If you want something even narrower, I also liked the RiBMo 32mm tires on the same bike.

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    What rims are you running?

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    I'm using the stock rims.

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    I'm with Brad ... define skinny.

    I have Kenda Happy Medium 40 that I like. I also have Kenda Small block Eight 35 that I like.

    Either of those are skinny compared against the Kenda Karma 1.9 I prefer to run.

    And even those are skinny compared against the Panaracer 2.4 ... okay, i'll stop now.
    I ..... need ..... DIRT!!!!!

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    I always like to chime in on these threads with "2.3 Big Apples" because after using them I will never go skinny again
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    I like the 35mm Pasela--reasonably fat, but rolls very quickly. A much nicer tire than the Big Apple, in my experience.

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    700x42 bontrager LT1s

    Because i have 5,000+ miles on them, Dirty Kanza and Trans Iowa included, with zero flats.


    but it is about time to replace them. I have many miles on them after all.

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    I'm another fan of the 2.35 Big Apples but know with their weight that they arnt for everyone (even though they are super comfy). For urban riding with decent puncture protection and much lighter than the Big Apples, I'd recommend you try out the Schwalbe folding Marathon Supremes. They are what I'd be rolling on if I wasnt willing to put up with the weight penalty of the BA's. If weight is not a consideration but you'd just like a better rolling tyre with super puncture protection then the Marathon Plus would be my choice - I tour on those on my smalled wheeled Moulton and think they are a primo tyre. Still I like comfort and for that the Big Apples rule (IMHO)

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    I've been really happy with Schwalbe tires both the Marathons and my current Land Cruisers in 700x40c. I have 3000 flat free miles and just rotated front to rear. I frequently ride these tires on single track as well as long road rides in all kinds of weather.Their performance has been better than expected for a $20 tire. They are not light by any means, but I'll sacrifice weight for not having to change a tube during a ride.
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