Ideal Bike Quivers

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  • 01-25-2013
    sasquatch rides a SS

    Originally Posted by JAGI410 View Post

    My stable is pretty set with this lineup, although I kind of want an old schwinn cruiser built up as a klunker

    Fixed it for you ;)
  • 01-26-2013
    Big Dummy - 3 season commuter, local shopping runs, and general cruising around town on a bike that exceeds my needs

    Pugsley - singletrack, snow, fun

    old school Wheeler aluminum frame mtb - winter commuter for salty sloppy roads decked out with nokian studded tires

    Soma Juice - 29er singlespeed trail bike

    Not sure what my next bike will be. I actually feel pretty content with my quiver right now:D A faster commuter would be nice though
  • 02-02-2013
    Big Summy- most useful bike I've ever owned. I started with an extracycle and upgraded to a dummy a couple years ago. There is a noticeable difference in frame flex when climbing hills with my two kids on the back and the Dummy just feels rock solid. I also use this as the family camping bike (carrying everyone else's stuff while they ride their own bikes), my grocery getter, and all around commuter for summertime- where I'm never afraid to stop at a rummage sale, farmer's market, or hardware store on my way home.

    Pugsley- newest addition to my quiver and takes the place of my old winter bike, which I sold to help pay for it, and my will be my new single track machine- since I sold off my old Homegrown to fund my original Xtracycle. This bike may not be fast, at least not with me on it, but it is a heck of a lot of fun to ride. I also have some off road touring ideas for it come summer.

    Santana tandem with a child stoker kit on it. I sue this for bike touring/camping when I just have one kid at a time- or when my old child wants to ride her own bike. I tired it with a tag-a-long, but its faster to just throw both kids on the dummy than have some super long bike train flopping all over the road because the kid on the back is slacking off. When the kids outgrow this one I could see selling it and buying a LHT to use as a road bike/touring machine.

    Those three would cover everything for me, but if I had to choose the Big Dummy would be my one and only. With studded tires it handles the snow fairly well, but not as well as the pug. The long tail design gave it lots of traction for climbing icy hills come winter.

  • 11-23-2014
    3 Bike Quiver
    Dirt: 1x1 (I have it. SS or IGH.)
    Pavement/Gravel: LHT (I want it bad. The 26" Canti Version)
    Townie/Grocery Getter: Anything that I'm not overly attached to. (Currently a Custom Giant Suede)

    1 Bike Quiver
  • 11-24-2014

    Originally Posted by keevohn View Post
    Of my 5 bikes, the 3 that get ridden the most are my Surly's. I'm mostly a roadie that dabbles in mountain biking.

    - 2003 Pacer with fenders. My general-purpose road bike for long distance rides, training, and occasional racing. In an ideal world, this would be replaced with a 2012+ Pacer that clears larger tires, but I'm too attached to the frame to get rid of it.

    - 2005 Steamroller with fenders. My go-to commuting rig, it also gets used for group road rides. This bike easily sees the most mileage since I commute daily, year round. Typically set up with drop bars, it has occasionally seen flat bars and a front rack. Recently had a framebuilder add fender mounts to replace the p-clamps that held the fenders on previously.

    - 2012 Karate Monkey with Salsa Fargo fork. My swiss-army bike. Trail setup is dingle-speed or 1x8 with flat bars. Bikepacking setup is 1x8, drop bars, rear rack, and Salsa Anything Cages on the fork. Recently I've been using the bike for winter commuting - 1x8 with drop bars and pink Cascadia fenders. I foresee this becoming the kid-hauler once my daughter is old enough.

    Each of the bikes fills a need with minimal overlap. My other two bikes are just for fun - 80's Cannondale touring and an aluminum Specialized race bike.

    A Pacer and a KM should do it for most. Throw in a Fat Bike for fun.
  • 11-24-2014
    been working on assembling my quiver here...

    Ogre for general commuting and hauling,long and short distance road touring and maybe a bit of dirt road riding as well,i have mine set up with an alfine8 and schwalbe big apples,makes for a super plush cruiser.

    Karate Monkey set up as a rigid single speed with a white industries dos enos 20/22 and race face 32 tooth narrow wide with a spare 10 speed rear wheel to run a 1x10.
    trail slaying monkey fun either way...

    Moonlander set up as an all terrain local touring beast,old man mountain front and rear racks,full pannier set...load it up and go crawling...

    and getting a Krampus in the next couple weeks,that will get set up sweet,goona upgrade to hope hubs and stans hugos and set the rabbit hole rims up with one as a single speed rear hub and the other with an alfine11...
  • 11-24-2014
    I've noticed that a lot of Surly riders like commuting on KMs or Ogres. Actually anything that's overkill. Why don't we see more Pacer love. It's really an ideal solution for most road and MUP riding. They are super easy to build with anything you've got laying around in the parts bin.
  • 11-24-2014

    Originally Posted by CS2 View Post
    I've noticed that a lot of Surly riders like commuting on KMs or Ogres. Actually anything that's overkill. Why don't we see more Pacer love. It's really an ideal solution for most road and MUP riding. They are super easy to build with anything you've got laying around in the parts bin.

    I really like the flexibility of the Ogre when commuting. Sometimes I feel like off-roading for a bit when going home and Ogre lets me do that.
  • 11-24-2014

    Originally Posted by CS2 View Post
    I've noticed that a lot of Surly riders like commuting on KMs or Ogres. Actually anything that's overkill. Why don't we see more Pacer love. It's really an ideal solution for most road and MUP riding. They are super easy to build with anything you've got laying around in the parts bin.

    for me its all about the fatties,the more tire the better,plus i needed to be able to tow a trailer easily and i was looking for something a bit more tank like than a road frame and i just never could get comfortable on drop bars.
  • 11-24-2014
    Currently I have:

    Surly Disc Trucker - I use this to commute about 90 miles a week. Its got a rear rack, frame bag, fenders, a bell, and a light. Its like 34 pounds. Not the lightest or the fastest bike in the world, but its really comfortable and I can take some dirt road alternative routes without rattling my bones apart.

    Surly Ice Cream Truck - This is my awesome new trail shredding machine, that happens to be usable on snow too! Its crazy heavy with the Bluto and a Dropper Post, but once I manage to get it up a hill coming back down is a lot of fun.

    In an ideal world, I'd add something like this:

    Surly Straggler / Disc Brake Pacer - Some sort of fast thing that could do road rides, gravel grinding, and speed oriented commutes. Sometimes I wonder if I just need to pedal my Disc Trucker faster, but having a bike around 22 pounds or so would be really nice.

    Surly ECR - This will probably be the next bike I get. Something to do overnight trips on dirt roads, carry a ton of junk, cruise around the neighborhood with my girlfriend, and tour some breweries.

    Santa Cruz Tallboy LT - The ICT is a singletrack machine, but it sometimes feels like overkill for less techy trails. Having a modern fast Full Squish would help me do 30+ mile mountain bike days.
  • 11-24-2014
    A black, stock Karate Monkey with 2.15" Schwalbe Almotion tires. If Surly was still selling the old-style, canti-studded 1x1, I might prefer that over a KM.

    A black Rohloff equipped Ogre with 2.15" Schwalbe Almotions and a set of Nano'ish tires for off-pavement rides.
  • 11-24-2014
    Ok..interesting thread. So, currently

    Giant TCR advanced 0- my full on race/road bike
    Giant Trance 27.5 0- my super light full sus MTB to get me out of the trouble my limited skill gets me in to!!
    Surly Straggler- commuter/Gravel Grinder, loving this so far!!!!
    OLD SS- flat bar old school frame thrown together. The Saturday ride to work bike..Fun.
    Avanti Super Sprint - circa 1980's, wind trainer bike.

    Next bikes- either Surly ICT with Bluto or Salsa Bucksaw (carbon???)
    MTB Tandem - for Rail Trails with my wife as she can't keep up with the group (stuffed hips from birth) but likes to ride. Not too keen on the tandem idea though dammit.
  • 11-24-2014
    I think I am about there:

    1. Salsa Vaya- commuting, gravel "racing", long meandering road rides. If I could, I would have no problem replacing this with a Straggler, but that's what I have.

    2. Karate Monkey Ops. I have an 2013 KM that's working fine for me for everything off-road, but the modern touches on the Ops would be a welcomed change.
  • 11-24-2014
    What is the minimum number for this "Ideal Bike Quiver"?
    'Coz my quiver is endless ;-)
  • 11-25-2014
    Saddle Up
    I would add a Big Dummy and a Pugsley 29+ set up SS/Fixed to the LHT, Troll and Instigator V1 I currently own.
  • 11-25-2014

    Originally Posted by evandy View Post
    So, I'm doing some long-term thinking about what I want in my bicycle quiver in the years to come.

    That is what I would call a 1st world problem!!!
  • 11-27-2014
    KM ops with two forks. One 100mm suspension for trails, one Fargo rigid for bikepacking.

    A Straggler with a custom fork, something like the Salsa La Cruz with cage mounts like the Fargo. For commuting, road touring, and gravel.

    A Sunday Funday, for freestyle.

    And a full suspension. I've been eyeing the GT Helion and the Marin Rift Zone. I just want a good all rounder that has a fun spirit.
  • 11-27-2014
    Just to chime back in here. I now have both the cross check and the Pugsley. By far my favorite bike of the three is the crosscheck, although the Pugsley isn't too bad in the snow. Wish I had the chance to ride the big dummy more, but my girls like to ride by themselves so the crosscheck gets the nod most frequently.
  • 11-27-2014
    Disc Trucker


    I think I got all the surfaces covered pretty well with with these two....but might add a Pacer or a Steamroller with a IGH for those quicker road rides.
  • 11-29-2014
    Ideal Bike Quivers
    1) mountain: Chromag Surface AM hardtail steel 29er. Anything up or down. Doubles for bikepacking.

    2) CX bike. Handles road, touring, gravel and cx duties. Get a ti one to squash any desire for quickie road bike. If slow is fast for you, get Straggler.

    3) commuter/ kid hauler: Kinn Cascade Flyer, kona minute or Bike Friday Haul-a-day. Able to fit on bus racks and handle a kid seat well. Dress up with front basket and/ or panniers.
  • 11-29-2014
    My ideal quiver would provide everything I need while not taking up a ton of space. To that point, I'd say 3 bikes would do the trick.

    1. Troll. This would be my hauler, commuter, do everything type bike.

    2. Pacer or Steamroller. This would be my drop bar roadie.

    3. Moonlander or Ice Cream Truck. My winter / whatever I want to do bike.
  • 11-29-2014
    Saddle Up

    Originally Posted by Bullit_cn View Post
    What is the minimum number for this "Ideal Bike Quiver"?
    'Coz my quiver is endless ;-)

    I believe 7 plus 1 or 2 to be the "Ideal" number of bikes to own.

    My current quiver...
    1. Troll
    2. LHT
    3. Instigator V1
    4. Vintage Miyata Sport Tourer
    5. Vintage Maruishi Randonneur
    6. Vintage Rocky Mountain MTB
    7. KHS CM26 Cruiser

    Possibly in my future.

    7+1. Pugsley
    7+2. Big Dummy
  • 11-29-2014

    Originally Posted by scottg07 View Post
    Transition vagrant - downhill/freeride
    Steamroller - commuter/fast bike
    Ogre - commuter/adventure/x country/ distance mtb

    Might sell the steamroller if the ogre works good enough as a commuter, have a frame on order, probably will build first as a SS then likely 2x9 later. Will try using my steamer wheels for a bit before getting some 29er wheels. My instigator frame was gonna replace the vagrant but its out of commission now.

    Sold the ogre frame, now have an ECR
    Really thinking about V2 instigator frame to build up and go half fat with the vagrant.
  • 11-30-2014
    This is an older thread, so I can also do an update:

    CC: Still present and accounted for!

    KM and Juice: gone, replaced by a Sette Razzo SC carbon 29er, which ride pretty amazingly, but the short head tube really frustrates me.

    Soma DC: gone, replaced by a Velo Orange Camargue

    and I've added:

    - Vintage Trek 620, which threatens the CC, a bit. I like the flexier ride of the skinnier tubing, and the lower trail front end. I would miss the tire clearance and gearing options, though.

    - my Freakbike, an ERB (Energy Return Bike, basically a new generation Slingshot)

    I'm starting to feel a fatbike itch, but I didn't like the Moonlander that I demoed previously. I wonder if a 4" tired bike wouldn't be so ponderous? I'll try to demo something again at next weekend's global fat bike day ride. But I'm also thinking about a custom Chinese ti bike, with a massively long head tube and clearance for 29+.


    Originally Posted by seat_boy View Post
    I seem to need a road bike, a mountain bike, and a utility/camping/kid trailer pulling bike. Right now I have:

    - Surly CC--I like my road bike to be fixed gear, most of the time.

    - Surly KM (set up as rigid SS)--I like this OK, but the tiny headtube frustrates me (I also have a Soma Juice hanging around that may get built up similarly) I might trade these both in for something else.

    - Soma Double Cross--this is new, I'm just building it into my utility bike. Previously, this was a Salsa Fargo, but I wanted something not quite so heavy duty. Yes, this is very similar to my CC, but every time I built my CC into a utility rig, I missed having a fixed gear.

    I also have a Stumjumper FSR 120 26er, which I'm actually quite fond of. Which is strange, because I usually get bored with full sus bikes very quickly.

  • 12-18-2014
    Current stable:
    Custom Ti Indy Fab Club Racer, my randonneuring / sport touring bike
    Krampus, with Rohloff, love this thing. Currently running studs, like the Knards for bikepacking and can't wait for something grippier for dirt.
    Pugsley with Nates
    Yuba Mundo - the family hauler town bike

    I've had: (oldest first)
    Raliegh Technium 450 (my first 'real bike')
    Yeti FRO 26"
    LeMond Zurich carbon / steel
    Trek 520
    Redline 925
    Surly CrossCheck (loved that bike)
    BakfietsNL long Bakfiets (kid and grocery hauler)
    Couple of Dutch city bikes
    Soma Juice
    Salsa Fargo