Ideal Bike Quivers

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  • 01-25-2013
    sasquatch rides a SS

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    My stable is pretty set with this lineup, although I kind of want an old schwinn cruiser built up as a klunker

    Fixed it for you ;)
  • 01-26-2013
    Big Dummy - 3 season commuter, local shopping runs, and general cruising around town on a bike that exceeds my needs

    Pugsley - singletrack, snow, fun

    old school Wheeler aluminum frame mtb - winter commuter for salty sloppy roads decked out with nokian studded tires

    Soma Juice - 29er singlespeed trail bike

    Not sure what my next bike will be. I actually feel pretty content with my quiver right now:D A faster commuter would be nice though
  • 02-02-2013
    Big Summy- most useful bike I've ever owned. I started with an extracycle and upgraded to a dummy a couple years ago. There is a noticeable difference in frame flex when climbing hills with my two kids on the back and the Dummy just feels rock solid. I also use this as the family camping bike (carrying everyone else's stuff while they ride their own bikes), my grocery getter, and all around commuter for summertime- where I'm never afraid to stop at a rummage sale, farmer's market, or hardware store on my way home.

    Pugsley- newest addition to my quiver and takes the place of my old winter bike, which I sold to help pay for it, and my will be my new single track machine- since I sold off my old Homegrown to fund my original Xtracycle. This bike may not be fast, at least not with me on it, but it is a heck of a lot of fun to ride. I also have some off road touring ideas for it come summer.

    Santana tandem with a child stoker kit on it. I sue this for bike touring/camping when I just have one kid at a time- or when my old child wants to ride her own bike. I tired it with a tag-a-long, but its faster to just throw both kids on the dummy than have some super long bike train flopping all over the road because the kid on the back is slacking off. When the kids outgrow this one I could see selling it and buying a LHT to use as a road bike/touring machine.

    Those three would cover everything for me, but if I had to choose the Big Dummy would be my one and only. With studded tires it handles the snow fairly well, but not as well as the pug. The long tail design gave it lots of traction for climbing icy hills come winter.