Ideal Bike Quivers

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  • 12-19-2014
    - Big Dummy. Kid hauling, occasional grocery shopping, "I'm greener than you" snub-cycle.
    - 29er MTB. SS and rigid.
    - Fixed roadie.
    - CX
    - 650b rando
    - Trek 500 (at the office)

    - ECR (possibly Krampus)
  • 12-21-2014
    Glad to see this thread has some new life. Incidentally, my quiver hasn't changed since the first time I posted. Although, the On One is singlespeed now and the CC has better tires. Both are better bikes for the changes. I still think that a road bike, a mountain bike, and a utility bike is the hot ticket. Loving all these Big Dummies; I'd love one myself, but the LHT is still doing everything I need it to. Oh yeah, I still want a 29er.