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    ECR/Krampus size small: where mount the rear blinky?

    I had my go-to Planet Bike blinky that I put on all my bikes, ready to mount it on my Krampus seatstay, and... the seat stay on my size small bike is more horizontal than vertical. The mount doesn't work.

    I put the blinky on the seat post just so I'd have a blinky when I rode home last night, but the mounting is unsatisfactory in the longer term. First, the light is partly obscured by that big tire, and in any case for adventure riding I'll be using a seat bag.

    How do the rest of you deal with this?

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    Not sure which seat bag you have, but many rear-mounted bags have a light clip on the rear, like this...

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    But I will be using a bikepacking seat bag like this:
    or these:Seat Packs | Custom Bicycle Bags - The Porcelain Rocket

    In any case, if at all possible I prefer to mount lights on metal rather than cloth. Lights mounted on cloth shift and move, and pretty soon you're lighting up the ground or the sky instead of projecting light where the cars are.

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    Mount it securely and it won't shift. The direction of the rear blinker is not that critical anyways.

    One option would be to attach an upright post to the chainstay and seatstay and mount a blinker on that.

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