Cross Check pics please

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  • 10-24-2017
    After a super rainy weekend the past two days have been great. Got out for a nice ride on Dixie Mtn which is just outside of Portland and is a great stretch of gravel road climbing from Scappoose up to Skyline. A perfect ride for the CC with Knards which seem to excel on rides like this, likely mainly from their large volume. After the ride I dropped off the bike at the shop to get the new CC fork put on it. This give me a tad more stack height and I'll be able to use racks.

    It's a funny thing but I'm back to thinking of my CC as my grail bike as opposed to my LHT which lately has just felt sluggish and plodding in a way that seems to annoy me. While I've thought of adding in a Straggler next year, I'm leaning more towards adding a second CC frame which I can set-up with parts I have laying around. I have a strong desire to have a SS in the quiver. I have a really nice wheel (Mavic 319, Surly Free/Fixed hub) waiting to be put to use. We'll see.
  • 10-26-2017
    Straggler really sits dead in the middle of the two bikes. I've considered getting a Cross-Check.

    Straggler is... well... It's my bike for Long..... Hauls. wide range gears, big fat tires, monster rims, mustache bar with zero saddle to bar drop. mega rack on the fork.

    I want the CC for faster, funner rides. 32c tires, standard road gearing. maybe try drops again. but probably a zero rise flat bar with some saddle to bar drop. zero cargo.

    I just find the CC to be a funner bike.
  • 12-03-2017
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    New fork and bag.
    I added the new fork a few weeks back and really am glad I finally did it. A little more stack height and braze-ons for a 24 Pack Rack make the CC that much more versatile. I picked up a Petite Porteur Bag and really like it. Works well even on the large rack. I'm in denial about the need for fenders.

    This bike is great. I'm glad I've never parted with it. It really is a different animal than my LHT. Not better or worse, just different. Part of me still wants to put together a SS one with all the stuff I have laying around. Attachment 1170550Attachment 1170551Attachment 1170552
  • 12-13-2017
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    Went bike packing in the Marin Headlands with my lady on black Friday. It's become a holiday tradition. Here are a few photos:

    Bobcat Trail
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    My CC loaded for a nights worth of camping
    Attachment 1172260

    Sun setting as we arrive to Hawk Campground
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  • 12-13-2017
    Nice pics! What's the lady riding? Those look like disc brakes
  • 12-13-2017
    Thanks @RubeRad! She's riding a 650b Straggler.
  • 12-13-2017
    The bikes look great and are perfect for the Headlands. It's amazing how you can be so close to SF and yet feel so far away. The CC is a great bike for the Headlands.