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    Converting old 1x1 hub to QR

    Not much interest in the SS forum so I figured I'd cross post here. You guys might like it.

    I have an old Surly 1x1 rear hub that uses axle nuts. My bike has vertical dropouts and I would prefer to use a QR instead of having to bring a wrench to remove the wheel to fix a flat. This particular hub uses a proprietary Surly axle so there isn't anything available to convert to QR. Their current hubs can be converted. So I decided to do it myself. I had been thinking of doing this for a long time.

    Here is the hub. Surly 1x1 with a Rhinolite rim. I use a Shimano freewheel.

    Axle removed. Other bearing is still in hub.

    Hub with bearing removed.

    I determined that the axle length needed to be 145mm (135mm drop out spacing plus 5mm per side) so I had to cut it to length. I rough cut both ends with a Dremel to get close to 145mm and then chucked the axle in my mini-lathe to cut and face to final length. Added a chamfer to the threads to make it easier to install the bearing nuts.

    I don't have a drill long enough to go all the way through the axle so I have to drill halfway through both sides.

    Chamfer the hole

    Axle and bearing installed

    Freewheel and Salsa QR
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    I saw that 4th picture and said to myself, "there's no way he's going to drill out that axle" - but you did!


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    Wow, nice work!
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    Super nicely done.

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    wow very nice work... amazing what you can do when you've got the right tools
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    May be a dumb question, I don't know so that's why I'm asking. Aren't the axles heat treated from the factory? Do you have to re-heat treat the axle after drilling it? Will that affect the strength at all?
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    Super cool. Makes me want a lathe!

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