• 02-07-2013
    You've been riding xx1 for a bit now...
    So what do you think?!

    Write a short review. Pros and cons.
    List your chainring size and the type of riding you do! How is this group holding up?!
  • 02-07-2013
    Re: You've been riding xx1 for a bit now...
    Look forward to hearing back on this too.

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  • 02-08-2013
    I'm on a carbon Evo 9r. 28 tooth front.
    When it works properly it is awesome. Riding in complete silence(except tire noise)is a beautiful thing.
    I started a post about the knocking and creaking here: http://forums.mtbr.com/sram/xx1-knoc...ng-836175.html

    It's easy to set up and very quiet for the first hundred miles...
    I'm still trying to figure out why it started to make noise as it cycles through the suspension travel. If anyone else is having this problem please speak up. I've tried lengthening and shortening the chain by a link on either side of the recommended length...both of which affected function of the derailleur negatively...too short and there is trouble getting to granny...too long: chain sags and hits chain stay.
    Anyone...??? SRAM?
    I took it in to have my mech try to figure it out or if SRAM will tell him anything...I'll keep ya posted.
    My Review: same as before..when it works right it IS the SHIZ.
  • 02-08-2013
    In second month now, pure awesomeness.

    Only 2 issues:
    1. clacking derailleur on rough terrain when shock is fully open (see the above thread link),
    2. the gripshift left-hand bar grip is too short - should have been a bit wider to match the right side. Also some bulging on the inner side wouldn't hurt, also for more symmetry with the right side. But that's nothing major, you get used to your index finger slightly touching the metallic ring on the inner end of the left grip - at least you know where your hand is (a slight bulging would be so much better though).

    As a funny side note, I broke the gripshift yesterday. Was a 34% grade dirt road climb in a quite bad wind gusts, screaming involved. So I did not notice I'm holding the bars too narrow and overtorqued the shifter which was already shifted to granny, thinking I'm holding the bar end. Totally my error.

    I bought both shifters to try out so I just swapped in the trigger shifter and riding with it now - it is heavenly in it's own way.

    I'm guessing the gripshift is fixable, but haven't had time to analyze it yet.

    All in all, I can't really imagine having a front derailleur and a huge cog wheel on the front anymore, so 1x is really the only way to go (if you don't need to be doing 70km/h descents:).

    Did a little slightly boring video too: Big Souda Hill solo attack v2, Chania, Crete - YouTube :)
  • 02-08-2013
    I raced all season on a 1X9 with a max 36 cog in the rear 2 seasons ago. I sure wish I had more range back then, but did love the concept overall.

    I might just be a candidate for the new xx1 myself. I would be very surprised if Shimano does not hop on board soon with a similar option.

    Looking forward to hearing feedback also..
  • 02-08-2013
    I have had it since December, and it is truly amazing. I have never dropped a chain or heard any noise from this set up, I have a 32t ring and I think the gearing is about perfect. I can't imagine the manufactures not going with this type set up on most higher end production bikes in the future, I really don't see a need for 2 front rings any longer. I ride xc/trail with plenty of hills and technical sections with 0 problems so far.
  • 02-08-2013
    I have the 32T too. The gearing is perfect for me as I ride mainly enduro. I am pulling ahead/away from my buddies with every pedal stroke on the uphills! Good product.
  • 02-11-2013
    28T - Mountain riding and downhill plus tech riding in rocks. I weigh 210 with gear. I broke a chain the 2nd ride out and fixed it with a powerlock link. SRAM, please beef up the chains, they appear to be a little weak. Other than the chain issue it appears to be solid. I LOVE not having to shift a front derailleur. I now have plenty of room for my Reverb switch where the front derailleur shifter used to be on my bars. :)
  • 03-01-2013
    I think some users are having dropped chains after some time of using as the chain and/or chainring start to wear...so I suppose a chainguide would be useful when some wear appears..
  • 03-02-2013
    Nearly 4 months, mini DH, Enduro, and guided rides, riding nearly non stop as its summer here not one issue.

    Broken chains, poor setup or chain length any chain can break if this is poorly executed.

    I run a 32t front, mainly Enduro, rides but it gets a hammering, first time Ive not had a chain guide on my trail bike in years.

    Im 200lbs as well so no weight weanie I can flex anything, like an above poster said, just pull away especially when accelerating or climbing on single track, but acceleration for me is most impressive!

    Def never going back thats fer sure.