XX1-Specific Frame Design

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  • 11-20-2012
    XX1-Specific Frame Design
    Hi friends,

    In this link
    SRAM XX1 Review
    I read the following:

    "[Front Derailleurs] give frame designers a massive headache (particularly designers who are grappling with squeezing 29er wheels and wide tires into longer travel designs). Taking the front derailleur out of the equation allows for a much wider range of frame designs."

    Initial questions I have:

    What new frame design will we see?
    Are there any current production frames that have been designed around XX1 (without front derailleur provision)?
    How are they different?

    The only difference I presently imagine is shortened chainstays. In practice, will modern designers want such a thing?

    I'm interested to see what new [less compromised] designs emerge.
  • 11-20-2012
    Nobody has done anything yet but they will. I suppose they could made the bottom bracket way stiffer but I'm not sure normal humans can really flex modern frames. Maybe they'll ditch the seat tube and the frame will flex. Someone will do something eventually.
  • 11-25-2012
    Think of the weight savings...it'll be advertised as a 'compliance for comfort frame correction'.